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Quality assurance

Prolonged survival rate

Only through responsible and quality-conscious application of hyperthermia in combination with chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment is it possible to increase the percentage of local remission among cancer patients as well as extend the disease-free survival rate and, to some extent, the overall survival rate.

Quality of life

The significant alleviation of pain in patients and the general improvement in the quality of life is also a major benefit of hyperthermia for patients suffering from the side effects of the cancer and the cancer treatments.

For Pyrexar Medical, this fact is a daily incentive to improve and further develop hyperthermia systems in close cooperation with the medical community, physicists and engineers in order to improve the duration and the quality of life of cancer patients.

Only the actually heated tumor cells can respond more sensitively to the radiation treatment or chemotherapy. For this reason, quality assurance, especially measurement of the temperatures in the tumor region and in normal tissue, is an indispensable aspect of hyperthermia treatment.

Dr. Oliver Ott, Radiation Therapy Clinic, University of Erlangen