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Local hyperthermia

Superficial tumors

In 1996, Cancer, the international journal of the American Cancer Society, reported a clinical study of 23 patients with head and neck tumors, breast carcinomas, and malignant melanomas, which was conducted by Mayer and Hallinan at Johns Hopkins Hospital (USA). The results showed complete remission in 89% of patients and demonstrated that 74% of patients were free of local recurrence after two years. All patients were treated with hyperthermia and brachytherapy. The authors concluded that “outpatient treatment of human neoplasia with interstitial thermoradiotherapy can be performed practically, and is safe and effective” (refer to 77/11, pp. 2363-2370).

In 2005, a randomized Phase III study on hyperthermia and radiation therapy for the treatment of superficial tumors, which was conducted by Ellen Jones et al., was published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology (vol. 23, no. 13, pp. 3079-3085). The majority of the 109 patients in the study had a breast wall recurrence. The other patients were suffering from head and neck tumors or melanomas. In patients who received hyperthermia combined with radiation, complete remission was observed in 66% of cases, compared to 42% of patients who received radiation alone. The effect was even greater among patients who had previously undergone radiation. In this case, 68% of those who received hyperthermia and radiation experienced complete remission, compared to 24% who received radiation alone.