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Soft Tissue sarcoma

In 1999, the International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics reported on a clinical Phase III study of 97 patients with high-risk soft tissue sarcoma, performed at Duke University Medical Center in Durham (USA) by Prosnitz, Maguire, Anderson et.al. The results demonstrated excellent local control of extremity tumors (95%) using the combined treatment of hyperthermia and radiation therapy (refer to vol. 45, no. 4, pp. 941-949).

In a yet to be published, multi-center randomized Phase III study on 342 patients with high-risk soft tissue sarcoma, presented at the 2007 ASCO Congress (directed by Rolf Issels et.al., Munich-Großhadern University Hospital). In the group that received hyperthermia combined with chemotherapy, 37% of had a reduction in the tumor by at least one-half, as compared to only 12% of the cases patients who received chemotherapy alone. After surgery, the hyperthermia group remained disease-free for 32 months on average, as compared to only 18 months for those who received chemotherapy only. Almost three years after starting treatment, the hyperthermia patients were 42% less likely to experience a recurrence of their cancer at the same site or to die than those who were getting chemotherapy alone, surviving an estimated 120 months before local progression of their disease, compared with an estimated 75 months.