Dr. Sennewald Medizintechnik GmbH

Pyrexar Medical
The hyperthermia company

Long-term cooperation models with sales and service partners shape our corporate strategy. With this in mind, our company entered into a new partnership in April 2015 with the company Pyrexar Medical, an innovative and progressive developer and manufacturer of hyperthermia systems. For further information please see www.pyrexar.com (Verlinkung mit üblichem Icon)

Former business partner
BSD Medical Corporation

BSD Medical Corporation, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA was the most important corporate partner for Dr. Sennewald Medizintechnik GmbH. As the first company to receive approval for use of its hyperthermia systems, BSD was key in establishing the clinical success for heat treatment of tumors.

BSD Medical also developed and introduced the technology required for deep, partial body and superficial hyperthermia. Today, BSD is the worldwide market leader in the development, manufacture and sales of the most advanced systems for heat-based cancer treatment.

BSD’s success is mainly due to the enormous investments that BSD makes each year in research and development to improve current systems and develop new technology. The company is often supported in its scientific work by famous national and international universities, including Duke University, Tübingen University, Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin, as well as universities in Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Numerous patents, approvals and grants from national health authorities in the USA and the installation of BSD hyperthermia systems throughout the world are the basis for the company’s success.

In 2005, BSD Medical Corporation received the renowned “Frost and Sullivan Technology Innovation of the Year Award” that honors commendable and innovative technologies. BSD Medical Corporation‘s commitment, success and high quality in the area of cancer therapy were given special mention.

In our efforts to discover the most effective hyperthermia systems on the international market, we became part of BSD’s global sales system for Germany and Europe. The close and productive cooperation between both companies has existed since Dr. Sennewald Medizintechnik was founded in 1985, and Dr. Sennewald has been a member of the board of directors at BSD Medical Corporation since 1994.

The modern hyperthermia systems from BSD have allowed us to establish and retain our solid reputation. BSD will continue to expand its technological lead in the fight against cancer.