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Research & Science

Results of major studies

Over the last 15 years, 34 clinical studies (17 phase I or II, 17 phase III) have been published regarding the effects of hyperthermia combined with radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy. The following studies are the most important studies from leading European and North American research centers.

Therapeutic gains from hyperthermia

In summary, clinical studies and experience have shown the following therapeutic gains from hyperthermia:

  • Improvement in survival rates
  • Improvement in local tumor control and the duration of local tumor control
  • Increased remission rates
  • Reduced morbidity
  • Direct destruction of the tumor cells
  • Improved palliation and durability of palliation
  • Improved quality of life
  • Increased effectiveness of other forms of treatment, without increased toxicity
  • Improvement in tumor oxygenation, which increases the effectiveness of radiation therapy
  • Destruction of both heat sensitive and radiation-resistant cells
  • Improvement in the response rate to cytostatica
  • Specific activation of the immune system
  • Expansion of the treatable range of tumors in terms of size and status
  • Increased uptake of cytostatica in cells
  • Synergistic interaction with cytostatica
  • Destruction of chemotherapy-resistant cells
  • Activation of gene therapies
  • Reduction in tumor size to enable resection and/or make resection safer
  • Reduced disfiguration due to surgical tumor resection
  • Improvement in functional results after surgery
  • Increased effectiveness in patients who have received previous  radiation therapy
  • Improved results when combined with radiation therapy and chemotherapy (thermoradiochemotherapy)