BSD-2000 Deep Phased Array
Commercial Product Comparative Table

BSD-2000B BSD-2000-3D BSD-2000-3D/MR
RF Generator Tetra Dodek Dodek
# of RF Channels 4 12 12
Directional Heat Zone Steering 2 axis (X & Y) 3 axis (X, Y & Z) 3 axis (X, Y & Z)
Maximum Power 1300 1800 1800
Max. Channel Power 325 450 (4) or 150 (12) 150
Frequency (MHz) 75 to 140 MHz 75 to 140 MHz 100 MHz
# of Antennas 8 8 and 24 24
Forward Pwr Cont. Yes Yes Yes
Phase Control Yes Yes Yes
MRI Compatible No No Yes
Multiple size applicators Yes Yes Yes
Computer Console included included included
Sigma 30 (30cm) applicator Yes Yes No
Sigma 60 (60cm) applicator Yes Yes No
Sigma Ellipse applicator Yes Yes No
Sigma Eye applicator No Yes No
Sigma 30MR applicator No No Yes
Sigma Eye MR applicator No No Yes
# Temperature probes 8 8 8
# Sensors per probe 1 1 1
# of Sensor Locations Along Catheter 31 31 31
Thermal Mapping Yes Yes Yes
Built-in Thermal Calibration Yes Yes Yes
CE Mark Yes Yes Yes
FDA Clearance in U.S. Yes HDE in process in process
Forward Pwr. Detection Yes Yes Yes
Reflected Pwr. Detection Yes Yes Yes
Water Heating/Cooling System Built-in Built-in External
Water Bolus Interface Yes Yes Yes
Variable Focal Diameter Yes Yes Yes
Non-invasive thermometry No No Yes
Published Clinical Trials Yes Yes Yes
# of Water Control Systems Needed 1 1 1
ESHO Guideline Compliant Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Bolus Air Purge Yes Yes Yes
UV Water Treatment Yes Yes Yes
Integral Deionizer of Water Yes Yes Yes
Currently Available For Sale Yes Yes Yes
Pretreatment Planning Yes Yes Yes
Shield Room Required Yes Yes Uses Existing MRI Shielding